Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back to Square One

So we are back to Square One. Paul told me that at least it isn't Square Zero where we've been before.  I spent the last 3 days throwing up so when I went in to see the doctor, he said that there was too much inflammation so he took out ALL of the saline in the band.  It has to stay that way for three weeks and by then the inflammation should be gone and we start over with the fills again.  So, I've been on liquids for several days and at least today everything stayed down.  At least I'd lost another 3 pounds.  I'll have to watch my intake closely because it will be easy to over eat.  At least, the band is still in.  I read that they have recalled this particular band because of a problem with the tubing stretching, however, they are not replacing any that have been put in already.  It seems that they do not believe that there is a problem with leaving the ones in that have already been put in.  More things to continue to think about.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ups and Downs and Downs and Ups

We had a great time in Massachusetts visiting my brother and his family.  We went and saw the change of the leaves (amazing how that happens up there) in New Hampshire and Maine and saw the ocean harbor in Newport, RI.  It was too windy to take a harbor tour so instead we went shopping.  Got some great fudge and some souveniors to bring hom.  In New Hampshire we went to Keepsake Quilting, a great quilt shop, in an area that is beautiful with a lake that has a name I can't pronounce (Lake Winne?????).  We went to a Shaker village and got lunch, the chicken and dumplings were awesome.  Checked out the museum/shop and was amazed at the workmanship of the items they made.  Then we went to Kennebunkport, Maine and found Mabel's Lobster Claw where I ate an entire lobster (just the meat, really) and shared a piece of peanut butter ice cream pie with chocolate sauce on it (four of us shared it so by doing that we scared away the calories :)).  Had a wonderful time.  Had no problem with eating.  Stopped when I could tell I was full.  THEN....I came back to work on Monday.  I'm not sure if the stress of work and pace is so fast but I ate lunch (soup and cornbread from home) and I guess I did not chew well enough but it did not stay down.  Monday night I stuck to small stuff and some cereal well soaked in milk and everything was fine.  Then again on Tuesday at lunch, I ate a few bites of fish and squash and realized that it was not going to stay down.  I was right.  Tried to drink a smoothie and it didn't work too well.  Drank a Starbuck's Vanilla Frappacino very slowly and it seemed to be okay although my chest was hurting some.  Tried some jello and that was the end.  It all came up.  I managed to keep my medication down before going to bed.  I'm taking it slow today and thinking that the esophagus is very irritated by all of this up and down activity and so I'm going to try small amounts of liquids today.  Luckily I'm off work and plan to sew and quilt today so that is possible.  Hopefully I don't have to go back and have some saline taken out.  It is definitely interesting the issues that having this lapband can bring.  I'll just deal with them in the quest for the land of the lost weight.  God bless your day today.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's try again

Went in to the doctor today and had gained a pound.   I knew that I did not have enough constriction and we talked about it so the doctor added one ml of saline.  That give me 5.5 mls in.  So far, so good.  Big bummer tomorrow as I will be on a plane most of the day going to Boston to see my brother and his family.  Having just liquids all day may be an interesting feat.  We'll see how it goes.  I can see it now, "Could I have hot water please, hold the tea bag, I don't need it."  Then I put one of these soup packets in and I have soup.  Should be a fun time.  I'm really looking forward to going.