Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tucson Quilt Show

I think I lost weight this weekend just because you can't have food in the area of the quilts at the Tucson Quilt Show.  I appreciate this rule as I wouldn't want some child to send some food onto my quilt that I was showing.  However, it makes it inconvenient when one who is working the show gets hungry and it is an hour until her break.  However, I obviously survived and probably ate less than I would have at home. 

It was a great show.  The Tucson Quilters Guild has around 600 members and only members are allowed to enter quilts into the show.  I really don't know how many quilts we had but it was probably around 250 or more.  They were beautiful.  I entered my Daddy's Ties quilt as a memory to my daddy who died 6 years ago this month.  It was made with his ties, his scarf and his handkerchiefs.  It is for my mother as soon as I can get it to her.

I am tired but it is a good tired.  Back to work tomorrow.  Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years is heres

I wanted the title to rhyme but I'm not sure it makes any sense.  Oh well, I don't always make sense either.
The doctor put in another ml today giving me 4 mls.  We are doing this very slowly but I can eat way too much food before I can feel it.  I wouldn't have had a band put in if I could do it on my own so this is frustrating.  At least I did not gain over Christmas.  Way too many good foods in the house.  Have managed to remove most of them (and not by eating them). 
I'm down from a size 22 to a size 16 and it is nice to be able to shop most anywhere.  I'm in a size large rather than 2XL also.  Yeah.  And you now what, my feet are not as wide as they used to be.  Interesting fact, huh.  I can wear size medium rather than wide width.  Only problem seems to be with the clothes.  They are not shrinking with me and since it is illegal, not to mention a bit cold, I'm having to be creative in getting new clothes.  Checked the second hand store today for a black skirt but they didn't have one that fit.  I did find one on sale at Coldwater Creek, of all places, for a price that I deemed "not over the top" and bought it.  I'm trying to stick to staple type clothes so I can still wear things and change them up a bit. 
I pray for all of you a good new year and I wish for you to pray the same for us as we are being audited by the IRS for 2008.  Ain't life grand!