Thursday, July 29, 2010

38 pounds

This is how much I've lost since January.  I have more to lose but sure did feel good to fit into a 2 sizes smaller dress for the wedding.  Itu was a wonderful wedding but I'm glad it is over.  I'm sure that Marnie and Toph are too.  All of the people who came to visit are gone now and the house is mighty quiet.  I miss Lily and Taevin the most but I do miss their parents too.  That's what happens when you let your kids go away.  I think that's the way God meant for it to be too though and it sure is nice having a conversation with my hubbie.  The PA at the doctor's office won't do a fill until the incision site is completely closed but it is getting there so probably in a few weeks.  I hope so, I feel like I've been eating way too much and probably have.  It'll be nice to be back to losing again.  In the meantime.......Yokohama Rice bowl is waiting.  Have a great evening to all.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Once again.....Cautiously optimistic

Well, I finished the second antibiotic so I am hoping we have beaten the bug.  It does appear to be healing so I will leave it alone and see the PA next week.

  In the meantime, I have a daughter to marry off and lots of people to see and enjoy being with.  I am so grateful for the wonderful son-in-law to be that Paul and I are getting.  She has chosen well, we believe.  Now to get through the chaos of the next few days, and the fun of it all and the few days after when the other children and our grandchildren will stay for a few days. 

May you all have a wonderful night and day and may God bless you all.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No Fill

Poo!  I went to see the PA (Physician's Assistant) today and he cleaned the incision out, etc and re-steristripped it.  It is not healing right and so he's hoping with the cleaning etc. it will heal properly.  It is only the bottom half of the incision that is a problem.  He said that the fluid was not pus but just serous fluid that wounds like this make.  So I get to finish the cipro antibiotic and continue on.  Only thing is they won't put a fill in and so it is like I have no constriction.  And I feel really hungry all of the time.   I wish I knew why it won't heal.  I'm not a diabetic and have never had trouble with things like this healing properly.  Oh well, another question to ask God when we all get to heaven, boy is my list of those getting long.
Getting ready for Marnie's wedding in a week and a half.  She and Toph will be here on Saturday and I think I have most things done except her veil.  I'm going to take it with me to the Quilter's Guild meeting and work on it while I listen to the speaker.  It's hard to find time to sit and sew on it.  It will be finished in time!
Hope everyone has a good day1

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Frustration Abounds

Just as I thought that the infection in the incision site for the new lapband was healing, I found that I was wrong.  This morning I had gross stuff coming out the incision.  So back to the doctor I went.  Put me on a new antibiotic that we will see if it will work.  I asked to look at the susceptability testing for the Staph aureus that they did a week or so ago and we chose a drug together.  He wanted to put me on Kelflex which did no good the first time, the Bactrim that I just finished was on the high end of sensitive so this time we are trying Ciprofloxacin.  I hope it works.  I'm tired of this and would really like this to heal.  I can't get in the pool and the dumb thing leaks on my shirts and I could continue whining but it is getting dark in the room.........
(for those who don't understand the last sentence, a joke.  How many mothers does it take to change a lightbulb?.......That's okay, I'll just sit in the dark.)

Anyway,  I go back to see him again next week and if all is well, we may get to do a fill.  We'll see. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

18 days

Not referring to weight but to when my daughter, Marnie, gets married.  Only a few more things left to do: finish the satin covered wagon, make 2 more cheesecakes, finish the bridesmaids gifts, make the flower girl's dress and finish beading the bride's veil.  A little at a time and it is getting done. 

I believe the incision infection may be gone.  I'm not seeing a problem today but I am taking it one day at a time. 

Take time to check out my grandchildren's blogs.  Of course, i think they are the cutest and you can see them now too.

Have a great evening.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

yes, I was right!

Got the culture report back today and I was right.   It is Staph aureus, not the dreaded MRSA (methacillin resistant Staph aureus) but plain old, plain old, skin contaminant Staph aureus that is senstive to Bactrim, which I am taking.  Part of the incision looks okay now but one part does not seem to be clearing up.  We'll see what they say next week at the doctor's office.  I'm glad I'm right, at least one time :).