Saturday, May 2, 2015

Completely Discouraged

It has been a long time since I posted anything.  I am very busy with work and travel.  Travel and trying to lose weight do not go together.  My habits are terrible when it comes to eating.  I have gained all of my lost weight back and am very discouraged.  Everyone says I just need to do it but they don't live my life.  I don't want to do the things I have to do and ignore the things I want to do.  It seems that things just don't work anymore.  Maybe getting older and going through menopause has that affect.  I have found no answers to how to get rid of the weight and I am tired of not being able to keep food down and still I gain weight.
I have considered going in and having them just go ahead and drain the band but that would entail facing a decision to give up.  I suppose I have to decide one way or another soon.  I am tired of living with this and need to either give up or make it work.  Not sure which it will be.......thanks for listening if anyone is out there.

Friday, November 15, 2013

It's been more than a year.....

It has been more than a year since I wrote in this blog.  How time flies when you are having fun.....  The weight loss issue has become a real problem.  I can't seem to lose and sometimes I gain.  Sometimes I have problems with throwing up but seem to be getting that under  control.  I had a knee replacement in June and as I tend to eat when I am stressed or alone and unable to do things, I have gained back some of the weight.  I still am down 23 lbs from the very beginning but I need to lose..  I have been declared officially a diabetic although it is only because of my hemaglobin A1C level.  This test registers the sugar on the red cells from the past three months and is a better predictor of diabetes than a plain fasting glucose levels.  My doctor is not worried about it and did not change any meds or make me start checking my blood sugar at hom.  I'm grateful for that.
I am making plans to get my schedule in place so I plan the time for exercise.  I believe I can do this even when out of town.  I just need the willpower.  Exercise will solve many of my problems, I know this in my head but I have to relocate it to the rest of my body too.
Well, that is the news........Have to get moving.........Have a Happy Holiday!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Two Days

I have the rest of today and tomorrow to try to finish the mess in my office.  May not make it but if I can get things figured out with my schedule after surgery, it'll be okay.  Everything is cleared for surgery and I see the surgeon tomorrow morning to sign the consent and ask questions.  Paul is coming with me so he can ask questions too.  I'm ready for this to be over and to get on with the weight loss part.
I had a great time seeing part of the family and staying for a few days with my mom.  We had a good time and enjoyed being together.  Got to eat lunch with Lily and took a picture on my phone to show off my oldest grandchild.  Labor Day the family will be together.  I'm really looking forward to that.
Say a prayer that all goes well please.  Have a good week.

Monday, August 6, 2012

One and 1/2 weeks to go

Date Change:  surgery will be on the 15th of August.  The Lord will take care of everything.  The PA says that the surgeon can make the scar from the 2nd surgery smaller.  Okay, one good thing here.  Hopefully they will be able to do all they have to, revise the lapband, repair the hernia and repair some scar tissue and I won't have to stay overnight.  I'd rather go home.  Less things to catch.
Headed to Dallas for a mid year sales conference.  We have no air conditioning and I didn't sleep well, only about 3 hours, in the heat.  I turned on the air conditioning in the office, as that is the only place we have it right now.  but I really just want to lay down and sleep.  Maybe on the plane, we'll see.  Everyone have a great week and God bless.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And the saga continues.......

We have the date set for the surgery.  It is set for August 13th.  This is causing problems with work because there are no TTS' available to cover my two installs that were set for the 13th and the 20th.  Looks like I will do 2 installs (one in San Rafael, CA and one in Fresno, CA ) in the same week.  I think I'll be tired at the end of the week but it must be done.  That only will leave one to be done after I get back from surgery.  Found out today that the surgeon who did the original surgery has left town.  Hmmm...... I wondeer why........his reputation is preceding him I hope.  I wish I had some recourse to have him investigated by the State Licensing Board but I have no proof of what he did and did not know.  I know what he said but that's just hear say.  The statute of limitations on malpractice claims is 2 years so that would be out too.  I'm not out to sue him, just get him to stop messing up people's lives.  I am now officially ranting.  Time to stop that and be grateful for insurance and finding a new doctor.  I am praying that this will fix the issue and I will go back to losing weight.
Ya'll have a good day and do something nice for someone else!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Starting over again

Today was very frustrating.  I have decided to change bariatric doctors.  I wasn't totally thrilled with the original surgeon and the second surgeon has left the bariatric practice.  I hadn't been back to the doctor for at least six months.  So......I went to a new doctor.  He has taken over the bariatric center at Tucson Medical Center.  I went because I had been having problems with heartburn and pain.  I also felt like the port had dropped lower.  And the saga goes on.......
I really like Dr. Monash.  He had gotten my surgical records from all three surgeries and asked me  a lot of questions that made a lot of sense.  The end of the matter is that there was a hiatal hernia initially that was not repaired when they put the initial lapbands in.  Now there appears to be a larger hernia that the lapband is going through the area.  So.........I will be having surgery again when we figure out the financial side.  Right now, they may or may not be willing to pay for a revision of the lapband even though it was the surgeon that caused the problem.  I'm waiting to hear from the insurance person at the doctor's office.  My choices would be to do nothing and leave the band as it but without any solution in it or to have them take it out or to have them to repair the hernia and revise the lapband or to repair the hernia and do a bariatric sleeve.  Not sure what to do, Paul and I are talking about it.  He feels very strongly about the bariatric sleeve and doesn't want to go that way.  I need to do some research to decide.  What I'm not happy about is that I have to have surgery again.  I am praying for God to send us the right answer and the money if the insurance won't pay for it.
On a brighter note, I get to sing in the concert Let Freedom Sing again this year.  It will be a wonderful day on the 4th.  I hope you all have a wonderful day too.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yes, I am still alive.  It has been almost six months (very busy months) since I wrote anything.  I kept thinking that I would post when I lost more weight but I'm still stuck.  Having a bit of a problem with throwing up too.  2 of the 3 doctors in the practice that I initially went to have left and the one who is still there is not my favorite.  I have an appointment with a new doctor who I have heard really good things about.  I'm not sure what the best thing to do will be but my eating habits have to get under control.  I've only gained back about five of the 45 pounds lost but I'm supposed to go the other direction so I need to figure out the best way to do this. Exercise is obviously a great idea but my knee is still disliking me and that is an issue.  I haven't decided when I'll have to give in and have the knee replaced but it will happen sometime.  I am very grateful that we have hired a new technical specialist and when she is trained, my life will be easier.  I am able right now to go and do some extra training and working with the account managers and their customers.  This is a part of my job that I have not been able to do much of until now.
I am also starting an online course that will cover everything that will be on the Specialist in Blood Banking exam.  I hope to take that exam in the fall of this year.  Small steps but I'll get there.
I hope to post a bit more often than I have been.  I was teaching an adult ladies class but have switched to the baby class again (it's what they needed) and so will get to play with the babies again for a time.  God is good and has allowed many things to happen in the past months.  He will always take care of us and love us.  I am so grateful for that knowledge and assurance.  God bless you all  as you go about all that you do.