Saturday, February 12, 2011


Plateaus are interesting in life.  When I think of a plateau, I think of a desert scene with a flat area where you can stand and see a beautiful scene out in the distance.  A plateau in weight loss can be much the same.  I am at a plateau.  I'm not really losing, I'm not really gaining and I'm trying to get a handle on the right way to eat.  But I can look into the distance and know that eventually I'll make it to that beautiful place in the distance.  I'm going to see the nutritionist this next week to discuss ways to handle things like getting so hungry (because we're busy at work) that I eat too fast and then I end up throwing up, dealing with Paul's allergy to fresh fruits and vegetables which means it's not practical to have salad for dinner and few other issues.  Hopefully she will have some good suggestions.  Just another bump on the road.  Ya'll have a good week and God bless.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A storm in the desert

We have had such a cold snap here in Arizona, I was beginning to wonder if we'd get warm  And while I enjoy wearing cold weather clothes, I don't have many and that makes for difficulties, so I layer.  At work, I wear a long sleeve shift under my scrub top under my long sleeve lab coat.  Now in the summer, I complain about the long sleeve lab coat so, because the coat is thrown away after several days, I just take the sleeves and cut them off.  Not right now, though.  However, I am wearing a size medium lab coat.  That was exciting. 
Sometimes in life we go through a cold spell.  I think I may be there.  I keep thinking I'll catch up but the faster I go the behinder I get and if I get any more behind, I'll have gained weight and that would be no fun!  I think that I'll have to just take one project at a time and finish each one and in the year 2525, if anyone is still alive, they can finish my last project :).

May you all have a blessed week and may the cold become warm for you too.