Monday, May 23, 2011

New Developments

The last month has and is continuing to be a series of rollar coasters.  I have applied for a new job, had 4 interviews, filled out paperwork, went pee in a cup and waited not so patiently.  Still waiting......should knew in the next few days if all is a go for me to give 2 weeks notice and start a new job.  I have to believe that God would not offer me the job and then pull the rug out because of things out of my current control.  I'll know soon but I'm tired of waiting and having trouble not worrying.  So much for life....
Gained back the four pounds I lost last month.  Shall I blame it on chocolate.  Probably.  The doctor put 1/2 cc of saline back in and I am hoping it will make a difference.  I will have to be very good about snacking and such with the new job as I will be spending a lot of time in a home office right next to the kitchen.  It will be interesting.  More info to come.
Hope all have a blessed week.