Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sometimes you fill and sometimes you take out!

Today was a take out day!  Not food, saline from my lapband.  The doctor put an additional 1.5 ml in last week and from Saturday until today, I have spent 2 out of 3 meals throwing up what I just ate.  Today wasn't bad but I didn't eat much.  I've lost another 4 pounds in that week which is too much so he took 2 ml out because it appears the restriction was too much.  Hopefully all will soon be good again.  I absolutely hate throwing up. All of my life I have been this way and so this has been terrible for me.  Anyway, it's not good to do it because you can have the band slip that way and they can only fix that with surgery, which I don't want anymore of!  I'm back on liquids for a few days and hope that the inflammation will go down and I can eat again.  I know, whine, whine, whine......

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  1. Silly Jan-- you're not whining, you're updating! If every update were 100% positive we'd think you were hiding something. And what's a blog for if you can't tell it like it is?