Saturday, June 4, 2011

Things they are a-changing

Yes, things are going to be changing in my life and in Paul's life too.  I have been given the opportunity, by God's good grace, at a new job.  I will be working for a company that makes Blood Bank analyzers and reagents (as well as Chemistry analyzers and reagents, but since Chemistry and I don't really get along, that doesn't count today).  I will be traveling and helping transfusion services and blood banks to implement these analyzers and reagents.  I will be training their staff in the use of these items as well as be a resource for questions they may have.  I am very excited about this new job but also somewhat sad to leave the place I have worked for almost 14 years.  Most of all I will miss the people I currently work with but will see them from time to time as they will know be one of my customers. 
Paul and I have figured out that we will have more time together because I will not be working weekends, although I will be out of town three days a week, but not every week.  I will be working from a home office and primarily communicating by e-mail, phone and teleconference or audioconference.  My manager actually lives in Utah.  I know this will be a big adjustment but I definitely believe that God is giving us this opportunity to solve some debt problems as well as a chance for a new adventure in my career.  I plan on working on my Specialist in Blood Banking and hopefully taking that exam in early 2012.  It has been a long process but I know that this is a good company to work for with many benefits other than salary.  I praise God for this opportunity. 
As for the weight loss part of my life, it will be a challenge to be able to walk to the kitchen to get something to eat during the work time and be able to eat while I am working.  I will need to get on a schedule in that regard.  It will be nice to be able to have water at my work station though.  That could not happen in the lab (all those germs and such in the work place :)). 
God is most definitely in control and I know that all things will work together for good because I love Him with all my heart!

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