Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Happenings

It's been a while since I posted anything mostly because I really hate to post when I'm not doing my best.  I'm off the path and need to get back on.  Started the new job and that is going well and I begin traveling next week.  This week we are in Albuquerque visiting my mom, and I will be working with another TTS at a hospital here to trian on making templates for the interface between the ProVue and the laboratory system.  So this is a working vacation.  Paul and I went to my 35th high school reunion last night at El Pinto restaurant .  It was so much fun.  Saw so many people I did not recognize but after a time knew who they were.  Talked with old friends and exchanged e-mails and phone numbers.  It was a great evening.  On Thursday we plan to go to the cabin and relax for a few days and then back to Albuquerque for a birthday party on Saturday.  Back to Tucson on Sunday. 

  On Friday I listened to a webanair from Johnson and Johnson, who I work for indirectly (through Ortho) about Taking Care of Yourself. They didn't just talk about physical but mental, spiritual and social health also.  It was refreshing.  They said to make just one goal and do that for 90 days.  So I am.  I have a goal to measure my food.  I have gotten out of the habit of it and when I measure, I can make sure I'm not eating more than the lapband can hold.  I know some of this I will have to just use my eyes for, since I will be eating out a lot but I can do it.  I was able to do it today so hopefully it will work.  So I have a goal and then we'll move to another one.   

I hope you all hve a great week and God bless.


  1. You are looking so good! I am so glad you are enjoying your new job! Your tie quilt is wonderful! Have a safe trip home and enjoy the Tucson rain we are bone dry and hot here in Texas.