Friday, June 29, 2012

Starting over again

Today was very frustrating.  I have decided to change bariatric doctors.  I wasn't totally thrilled with the original surgeon and the second surgeon has left the bariatric practice.  I hadn't been back to the doctor for at least six months.  So......I went to a new doctor.  He has taken over the bariatric center at Tucson Medical Center.  I went because I had been having problems with heartburn and pain.  I also felt like the port had dropped lower.  And the saga goes on.......
I really like Dr. Monash.  He had gotten my surgical records from all three surgeries and asked me  a lot of questions that made a lot of sense.  The end of the matter is that there was a hiatal hernia initially that was not repaired when they put the initial lapbands in.  Now there appears to be a larger hernia that the lapband is going through the area.  So.........I will be having surgery again when we figure out the financial side.  Right now, they may or may not be willing to pay for a revision of the lapband even though it was the surgeon that caused the problem.  I'm waiting to hear from the insurance person at the doctor's office.  My choices would be to do nothing and leave the band as it but without any solution in it or to have them take it out or to have them to repair the hernia and revise the lapband or to repair the hernia and do a bariatric sleeve.  Not sure what to do, Paul and I are talking about it.  He feels very strongly about the bariatric sleeve and doesn't want to go that way.  I need to do some research to decide.  What I'm not happy about is that I have to have surgery again.  I am praying for God to send us the right answer and the money if the insurance won't pay for it.
On a brighter note, I get to sing in the concert Let Freedom Sing again this year.  It will be a wonderful day on the 4th.  I hope you all have a wonderful day too.

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  1. Sorry to hear about more surgery. Getting carved up gets old pretty fast.