Thursday, July 8, 2010

Frustration Abounds

Just as I thought that the infection in the incision site for the new lapband was healing, I found that I was wrong.  This morning I had gross stuff coming out the incision.  So back to the doctor I went.  Put me on a new antibiotic that we will see if it will work.  I asked to look at the susceptability testing for the Staph aureus that they did a week or so ago and we chose a drug together.  He wanted to put me on Kelflex which did no good the first time, the Bactrim that I just finished was on the high end of sensitive so this time we are trying Ciprofloxacin.  I hope it works.  I'm tired of this and would really like this to heal.  I can't get in the pool and the dumb thing leaks on my shirts and I could continue whining but it is getting dark in the room.........
(for those who don't understand the last sentence, a joke.  How many mothers does it take to change a lightbulb?.......That's okay, I'll just sit in the dark.)

Anyway,  I go back to see him again next week and if all is well, we may get to do a fill.  We'll see. 


  1. Arrrggghhh!!!! That stinks. Sorry you're dealing with this again! Praying the new drug will do the trick.

  2. Jan, How FRUSTRATING is right! We are praying for your healing! Bob and Patty