Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No Fill

Poo!  I went to see the PA (Physician's Assistant) today and he cleaned the incision out, etc and re-steristripped it.  It is not healing right and so he's hoping with the cleaning etc. it will heal properly.  It is only the bottom half of the incision that is a problem.  He said that the fluid was not pus but just serous fluid that wounds like this make.  So I get to finish the cipro antibiotic and continue on.  Only thing is they won't put a fill in and so it is like I have no constriction.  And I feel really hungry all of the time.   I wish I knew why it won't heal.  I'm not a diabetic and have never had trouble with things like this healing properly.  Oh well, another question to ask God when we all get to heaven, boy is my list of those getting long.
Getting ready for Marnie's wedding in a week and a half.  She and Toph will be here on Saturday and I think I have most things done except her veil.  I'm going to take it with me to the Quilter's Guild meeting and work on it while I listen to the speaker.  It's hard to find time to sit and sew on it.  It will be finished in time!
Hope everyone has a good day1

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  1. Sorry you're not healed yet. :-( And sorry you couldn't get the fill done! Hoping that this time next year all the set-backs will be just a bad memory and you will be healthier than ever. Hugs to you!