Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weathering Thanksgiving and the weather

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We spent it in Albuquerque with all of our children, grandchildren, parents and Paul's sister and boyfriend.  We (meaning me) ate too much but God is gracious and I still managed to lose a pound at the doctor today.  We had a wonderful 80th birthday party for my mother the Sunday before Thanksgiving and saw many old friends as well as my brothers and their wives, a niece and her children and a great nephew.  So good to see everyone.  I am working on Christmas Day but will have family here so am looking forward to 2 days before Christmas and 2 days after Christmas off.
There is a new doctor at the bariatric center.  She is very nice but is still learning where the port is placed.  She tried today but after all was not done she knew when to stop and let the more experienced doctor put the fill in.  They only put in one ml so now I thing I have 5.5 ml in.  This is the point we had problems before so I am praying everything will be okay this time.  On liquids again but at least I usually lose on those.  Just for two days, then mushies for two days and then regular food.  I find that I can eat my salad at work and then I don't have to keep some in the house that Paul can't eat them.  He is allergic to lettuce and other fresh fruits and vegetables so we cook the ones we eat at home.  We make it work.  All in all a good several weeks and the future looks wonderful.  May  all have a great week and more and may God bless you in all ways.


  1. Sounds like a great holiday! :-)

  2. Just for clarification, It was my sister's boyfriend, not mine :)