Monday, February 7, 2011

A storm in the desert

We have had such a cold snap here in Arizona, I was beginning to wonder if we'd get warm  And while I enjoy wearing cold weather clothes, I don't have many and that makes for difficulties, so I layer.  At work, I wear a long sleeve shift under my scrub top under my long sleeve lab coat.  Now in the summer, I complain about the long sleeve lab coat so, because the coat is thrown away after several days, I just take the sleeves and cut them off.  Not right now, though.  However, I am wearing a size medium lab coat.  That was exciting. 
Sometimes in life we go through a cold spell.  I think I may be there.  I keep thinking I'll catch up but the faster I go the behinder I get and if I get any more behind, I'll have gained weight and that would be no fun!  I think that I'll have to just take one project at a time and finish each one and in the year 2525, if anyone is still alive, they can finish my last project :).

May you all have a blessed week and may the cold become warm for you too.

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