Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where to go now?

Saw the doctor today and convinced him to add .5 ml saline to my band.  Maybe this will lessen the food intake.  I have to figure out how to limit the type of snacks to lower in calories.  I really don't like carrots for snacks anymore.  I think the years of dieting have really made me not like certain foods.  sigh...  The nutritionist gave me a list of things to try and that helps a little bit but I still gained this month.  I really think I just need to exercise so I'm signing up for the Walk 10000 steps program at work.  Paul and I have talked about walking before dinner for several months so maybe we can start that and go together or I'll just take my MP3 player and walk.  Hopefully I can do something that way to keep losing.  Time is the issue.  Never enough but I'm going to have to make the choices.  We went to Las Vegas and I did good there.  Saw some beautiful sights and some ugly sights.  People, people, everywhere, really glad to be home.

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