Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's been about a year....

I found myself at the Leadership Training for Christ Southwest convention again this year in Phoenix, Arizona.  Only this year, I didn't have a wound vac on me that I carried around all of the time and I hadn't just had emergency surgery to remove the lapband that was infected.  Instead it's been just over a year since that time and about a month until my one year of having another lapband put in.  It has been an experience and something that I'm learning to live with.  It has taken time to make old habits go away, like eating as much as you want and expecting to not throw up.  I have learned to stop eating when my body says to or I will pay the consequences and that is no fun.  I have hit a plateau although I believe I have lost a few more pounds since last month.  I'm more learning to look at my body with 48 lbs gone and appreciate that I am thinner.  I haven't ever felt any thinner inside and appreciated that being thin enough to keep the weight off.  I am feeling thinner inside and enjoying having some of the weight gone.  I really think I can keep it gone and live like this.  It's a great feeling to have.  I hope you all had a good Easter and God bless you and your loved ones.

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