Monday, April 12, 2010

Alas, it is gone :)

The wound vac has been taken off.  I am so glad.  I was very tired of carrying it around for the last three weeks.  I told Paul last night that I felt like I felt when I was pregnant with the girls, I wanted to be able to sleep on my stomach again :).  Soon....

Now we do a week of wet/dry dressing and I can go back to work next week.  None too soon.  We have one guy working using a brace and a cane and another tech managed to break her leg while practicing to get her license to ride her Harley.  Oh well, job security. 

I'm in the midst of discussion about what I will have to do to get the lap band put back in and when.  I'll talk with the surgeon in two weeks about it.  It depends on if the insurance is going to make me gain some of the weight back to be at the right BMI.  Maybe not, according to the Physician's Assistant.  We'll see.
Between graduations coming up, going back to work, a new grandbaby soon to be born and getting ready for a wedding, I'm not sure what I have time to do.  I keep telling myself that God is in control and to let go and it will all happen in His time.  I thank God that He is in control because I'm not and never really will be.  It's His job!

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