Monday, April 19, 2010

Lions, Tigers and Work, Oh no!

I've been really wanting to go back to work and now that they say I can, it's a bit scary.  I still get tired easily and they are really picky at work, they won't let me stop and take a nap.  Those silly doctors, thinking their patients need that blood now :)
Anyway, I go back tomorrow, so we will see how well I hold up.  Maybe the census will be good to us and it won't be too busy or have too many antibodies. 
It reminds me of something that happened at church many years ago. A child was in trouble with her daddy and he was taking her out of the auditorium and as they went through the back doors, she yelled, "Ya'll pray for me!".. ...I think that's what I need, ya'll pray for me!

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