Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back at Work and Disturbing news

I'm back at work and boy do I feel tired at the end of the day.  I know it'll get better and everyone at work is great about letting me do the paperwork (which they don't really want to do anyway) and not have to wander from machine to machine too much. 
I have had several discussions with several of my fellow employees in the last few days.  It seems that after I came down with the infection, several other employees told them that the surgeon who I used did not have good outcomes with his surgeries on a regular basis.  Interesting news.  I don't know that it would have changed what happened but it is somewhat disturbing.  I find it interesting and disturbing that I can search the Internet and find nothing about this particular doctor.  No sanctions, no real complaints, other than that he has no bedside manner (lots of docs are that way as are lots of other people).  But in the small community of nurses and those who work together in a hospital, the information is known and very closely guarded.  Makes it scary to be a patient.  I think when I have the lapband put back in, I will request that his associate do  the surgery.  I have no proof, no way to know that the infection was anything other than a fluke but I still don't want to go there again.  At least I know I have God on my side and all will be well.

Have a wonderful day!

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