Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Day Tired (but not sick :))

I spent today mostly doing errands.  Marilyn came and changed out my wound vac packing and we did it without any drugs, yeah.  Then I had to go to the post office to mail packages (the baby was born two months ago, glad the blankets are big.  Then went over to St. Joe's to talk to the people in Occupational Health about what they need for when I can finally go back to work.  Then talked to friends at work and on the return things at Old Navy.  Then the appointment of the day, the eye hcheck up.  Everything going good until the doc says, "have you had to take any steroids?" and I said, "yes, for my asthma and they injected my knee".  Well, little known fact, at least to me, is that steroid treatment can cause cataracts to form in the eyes.  I have them in both eyes but they are small and he doesn't want to do anything for now.  Going back in six months.  So, getting old really, really stinks!  I'm sorry, boss, I don't have time to go to work, I have to take care of medical issues.  I'm sorry, creditors, I don't have the money to pay you as I have to take care of medical issues.  I think I'll have to let God handle all of this, but it is hard.  I think I can do it but I can't.  I just have to let him do it.

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