Thursday, March 25, 2010

Going Out on the Town!

Well, not really on the town but I did get to go and get a pedicure.  My friend Susan took me because driving while taking Percocet is a bad idea.  I got to go to church last night and was exhausted by the end.  And today I get to get my hair cut.  The pain pills are going to have to go away for most of the time I think.  This little vacuum device is portable as long I'm not away from the electricity for more than 12 hours so I should be okay. 
God works in interesting ways.  I'm not sure that I could have gotten all of the things done for the Leadership Training for Christ convention if I hadn't been off work.  Now the downside is that there is not as much money coming in but life is full of trade offs, like chocolate now, chocolate later or chocolate now and later, I like the last one.  Anyway, I digress.  I have spent many hours on the computer and phone with last minute details for this convention and have been leaning heavily on the chairman who has done this job for years than we can count.  I am the hotel liaison so it's been fun putting together what goes in which room, trying to explain to people that the deadline for reservations was a month ago and that's why you have to pay more, figuring out the food for the banquet and how we are going to cram 750 people into this room.  I figure that most of them are teenagers and everyone knows how many teenagers will fit on a church more!  Same addage applies with food and people in rooms. :)
More ways that God works.  The home health nurse who comes in and changes out the dressings is such a sweetheart.  She is willing to come at odd times if we need it and is so sensitive to whether she is hurting me.  I was talking about the convention and how we could get the dressing changes for the wound vac dealt with and she is willing to come early before we leave and come on Sunday when we get back.  She asked what church it was and I told her church of Christ and she got quiet.  Then  I asked if she went to church anywhere and she said, well, I should tell you that I was raised in the church of Christ and my dad was a minister and he taught nothing but "hell, fire and brimstone" and did not understand why none of his children continued in church later in life.  I do not know if she believes in God but I have invited her to come to a church where we are willing to accept people and where we believe that to show God's love is not to shout and preach but to do and listen and try to heal hurts, like Jesus did.  She seemed surpised that we are that way but Jesus did it that way and it worked for him so I guess I should do it that way too, don't you think.  Anyway, I just wonder if all of this infection happened if for no other reason than for that conversation to take place.  Interesting thoughts!  God bless your day today.

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  1. God is all about using bad stuff to do great things. Will be praying for your nurse-- hope she visits!!!

    It was great to see you last night. Cool pump--the carry-thing looked like Dr McCoy's tricorder. :-)