Thursday, March 4, 2010

A New Beginning

A new beginning is where I am.  With the encouragement or was it the threatening of my primary care doctor and my cardiologist and with the blessing of my husband, I have chosen to have the Realize Band (a type of lapband) put in as a tool to assist in losing weight. 
I have always been overweight.  I think I weighed 50 lbs at birth (well, maybe not that much) but even as a child I was chubby and I just never really slimmed down.  Probably the summer I got married was the smallest I was and even then I was 20 lbs. overweight. 
I have tried a lot of different diets and have come to realize (pun intended) that I must change my eating habits.  The band will help me to do this.  It will let me know when I am hungry and when I am full.  The consequences of overeating are uncomfortable to say the least and not pleasant at all. 
I am grateful for the opportunity to change.  Without the insurance we have, I would not have been able to have this surgery. 
Some people have said, "well, just cut your food in half".  My problem is that I know the rest of the food is there and so I eat it if I want it.  Hopefully I will learn that I have the power over my body to eat what I need and will get my weight to a healthy place.
I hope to share ideas and recipes on this blog that will benefit others who are fighting this same battle.

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