Sunday, March 21, 2010

Next Adventure

Okay, after three days in the hospital, I got home.  The lapband was infected all through the band, tubing and port.  They had to clean out a fairly large cavity and left the "hole" open because it must heal from the inside out. 
There are two places that have to be cleaned and packed so, because it was Friday, and because the company promised the doctor that the wound vac that we needed would be delivered to my house on Saturday, they sent me home.  That part mademe happy.  However, someone has to clean the wounds.  One's spouse is the logical  choice, however, we need to think about my spouse, who I love very much.  He works for a hospital but avoids hospital rooms.  When I'm inn the hospital, he comes to see me, but doesn't really stay a long time.  You get the picture, not a wimp by any means but get s bit wimpy in certain things.  So, he said yes,he could change this dressing and repack the wound as long as I talk him through it.  I give him great kudos for that!  So he did the small one and everything is okay, then we opened up the second one, took out the packing and he got light headed andhad to sit down.  Now I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to change this packing on myslef on my stomach area.  I tried to unscrew my head but I had a feeling that end result would be messy so I changed that plan.  However, in the end, Paul managed to change everything out and all was well.  That was on Friday night.
On Saturday, we waited and waited and waited for the vac to be delivered and it  didn't come so when the Home health nurse came, I called the company.  It turned out there was a delay in a plane somewhere at 2:00 am and it would not be here until Sunday.  My heart sank because I knew my hubby could not keep changing those dresses, oh I mean dressings :).  I asked if there was a way to get one there on Sunday and they said they could ship it and it should be here to day.  So here I sit waiting for the wound vac to arrive so I can call Marilyn that it is here.  This should cut the healing time in half.  Taking four more weeks off work will be problematical because I have 2 graduations in May, May 1st for my daughteer from Abilene Christian University and May 8th for my daughter from Pepperdine University.  Life just says inteesting!

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