Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lesson number 2

In playing with different foods to see what can be puried, I have found that most of them are fruit and juice.  I have to watch the calories with those.  However, Cream of Wheat works really well for Breakfast with PLAIN protein powder, a few oz of milk and some artificial sweetner.  I have also found that Kefir works really well but you have to count the cost of the calories.  The protein powder that only requires one scoop for 25-30 grams of protein make the shake taste better and they are less gritty than if you have to use two scoops of powder.  I made some soup with vegetables and meat for a potluck and took 12 oz of the soup without the meat, put it in the blender, took 1/2 for myself at the potluck and put the other 1/2 in the refrigerator for lunch.  My hubbie is enjoying the rest of the soup. 
We had our potluck at our Life Group, where we have a group from the church who get together on Sunday nights to have a Bible study.  Once a month we have a potluck.  We also celebrate birthdays.  I caused a dilemma because I could not eat the cake this year.  So they got a very small fudge chocolate cake and I blew out the candles.  I took a very, very small piece, put it in some milk in the blender and that was my birthday cake.  Innovation, that's the word of the day.

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